Goliad, We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit digital civil rights organization and public research organization providing technological services, software, consulting, and cloud hosting to Religious Organizations, Schools, Non-Profits, and other organizations for little to no cost. We also are a cloud service of last resort, hosting the unhostable as long as it conforms with US law. We fight for the individual’s right to free speech, and expression online.

Goliad™ supports an internet free of censorship both from the private sector with their algorithms and from the government with laws. Big tech is the largest perpetrator of censorship on the planet after China, but it may surprise you whom they are censoring since they are doing it to actors both on the Left and Right respectfully.

Goliad Technologies supports Free Speech, Religious Rights, Gun Rights, and free political speech both conservative, liberal, and in-between online.

We are a lean and effective charity in Pittsburgh when it comes to technology-related problems and challenges, making us one of the best small charities in Pittsburgh.

Civil Rights

We are the only digital civil rights group in Pittsburgh, fighting for the right of the people to access technology and the internet, and allowing and giving and creating platforms for them to express their free speech online however that might be.

Gun Rights

Gun speech on the internet is becoming a tight rope to navigate for gun-related content creators. Any day facebook or youtube could change policy and ban/censors gun content online. We are developing and so in the private sector ways around this issue.

The modern way to achieve censorship online is through copyright DMCA takedown requests falsely and without grounds. Another is fair use abuse on the internet, talking down copyrighted videos and pictures protected under fair use because they don’t like the speech. We are a 501(c)(3) that fights this abuse.

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