It’s hard to know what’s right

It’s hard to undo the past, so how do you keep society safe from ideas that may end in the death of people like Facebook’s enabling of the Myanmar genocide. Which killed tens of thousands of the Rohingya ethnic group through free speech on it’s platform. Free speech can be one of the most deadly freedoms in modern western democracies you can look at the culmination of the Q movement till the January 6th riot at the capital which lead to the death of a police officer, property damage, and structural harm to our democracy.

What obligation do platforms have to regulate free speech on their platforms, how do they know what they are doing is truly the right thigh to do? What if the conspiracy is true? What should be the focus maximize free speech or minimize violence and civil strife?

Published by Samuel Calkin

Sam Calkin is president of Goliad Technologies and technical lead of the organization. Sam attended The University of North Texas for Business Computer Information Systems. Sam has worked in technology for more than a decade and has also worked as an executive in the QSR restaurant industry.