The Stable Cloud

Samuel Calkin, Managing Director

We are a 501(c)(3) fighting the good fight against big tech censorship of our leaders, ideas, and religion; we plan to fight them in the courts

How would you feel about having your data hosted on a provider with strict privacy policies? One that will never sell your data or track your movement does not make money on advertising. A non-profit that works for the benefit of society that charges on a sliding scale for services, those whose mission is fighting for civil rights, free speech, providing for underrepresented communities, and providing free services to charities and the communities?

That platform is The Stable Cloud.

So you are looking to host something, a web application, website, VM, Database. Is it an unpopular opinion, no problem? We will host anything protected under the United States Constitution and indemnify you for hosting it if we believe it is in the country’s best interest or Constitutionally protected. We will host any speech, but we are not just for radicals, anarchists, and rebels. Well, no, we want to host your blog, your family photos, cat pictures, your church’s website, your child’s school’s website, well, everything.

It’s all about contracts. Everyone who uses our service has the option to have a signature guaranteed. This involves a contract for service that is sealed or notarized by Goliad Technologies on physical paper (with a digital copy) in clear English of what can and can’t be done. We will also make contracts with price guarantees and guarantees of renewal of the contract. We Will not take down a website without a court-ordered injunction from a US court as long as it complies with US Law; we will not give away user information without a warrant from a US court.

Goliad Technologies is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is engaged in protecting people’s civil rights online(All donations are tax-deductible, by the way). We also provide job training in technology and produce original research in cloud technologies.

Published by Samuel Calkin

Sam Calkin is president of Goliad Technologies and technical lead of the organization. Sam attended The University of North Texas for Business Computer Information Systems. Sam has worked in technology for more than a decade and has also worked as an executive in the QSR restaurant industry.