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The Liberator – The First 3d printed gun

Ever since Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed fired the first 3d-printed gun into the world on May 6, 2013, we have thought that hosting such files is one of the best litmus tests for a cloud provider on free speech. We believe code is free speech and has constitutional protection as does firearms so 3d-printed CAD files are protected by two amendments. We won’t get into politics because we can’t, but we have to thank the individuals fighting the good fight on the front lines of free speech, @Ivan_Is_Back, @CtrlPew, @DefDist, and many others.

Published by Samuel Calkin

Sam Calkin is president of Goliad Technologies and technical lead of the organization. Sam attended The University of North Texas for Business Computer Information Systems. Sam has worked in technology for more than a decade and has also worked as an executive in the QSR restaurant industry.