Edgy Satirical Site is Important for History

The site Encyclopedia Dramatica is the edgy offensive version of Wikipedia that tracks internet drama. Founded in 2004 by Sherrod DeGrippo and has since been owned by a fragmented group. The site has had issues with hosting providers, DDOS mitigation services, state actors, and domain registration.  You can say the uncertainty caused by tech providers is because the site contains pornographic images, racist content, xenophobic content, and “Hate” Speech; The Wiki even has a page called “High Score” which ranks the top 50 deadliest mass shooters in history.

              Many would say that this wiki/internet forum has no value because of the hate it is filled with but in reality, it is the most comprehensive internet record of social interactions covering the boom of online social expression in the early 00s. Even though articles per the wiki style guide are to be biased, and some information is completely fabricated it still shows an accurate viewpoint at the time it was written. It is the determination of Goliad™ that Encyclopedia Dramatica is of significant historical value, and would be a disservice to future historians for anything to happen to the site.

Goliad Technologies is not affiliated with Encyclopedia Dramatica, nor does it endorse viewpoints expressed therein.

Published by Samuel Calkin

Sam Calkin is president of Goliad Technologies and technical lead of the organization. Sam attended The University of North Texas for Business Computer Information Systems. Sam has worked in technology for more than a decade and has also worked as an executive in the QSR restaurant industry.