Goliad Technologies is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charity based in downtown Pittsburgh, PA, and Huntsville, TX. Goliad™ provides free software, services, support, infrastructure, and platforms to promote free expression online and help these organization serve their purpose. We target religious organizations, schools, civil rights groups, all forms of political speech(Conservative/Liberal/Other) other charities, and the community at large to better free speech online. We also do independent research in technology, censorship, cloud technologies, and software from a high level.

Your Donations go to these three areas:

  1. Free Speech activism, and litigation.
  2. Providing resources for charities, activists, and the general public to express their free speech online.
  3. Research into technology, censorship, and platforms.

And part of your donation goes to overhead.

We manage a fund to cover the costs for Charities, Activists, Civil Rights groups, and others to developed and host their technology needs, and to keep their content online.

We also have a fund to protect content creators from having their free speech hindered by false copyright claims online, as part of our civil rights program to promote free speech and expression on the internet.

Goliad™ is named after the Goliad massacre, which happened during the Texas Revolution on March 27, 1836. Four hundred and forty-five Texas soldiers who surrendered after the Battle of Coleto were executed by orders of President and General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna at Goliad, Texas. What that means to our organization is that if you stop fighting, don’t expect any mercy; it is better to keep fighting to the death.


Samuel B Calkin, Executive Director
Pittsburgh, PA
[email protected]

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